Preachers and Paychecks


Let’s start with Jesus, he quit his job as a carpenter and for the time of his ministry took support from a bunch of women. They gave him food, clothing and money when he needed it. They completely supported him. Yes the God of heaven who could turn stones into bread received continuous financial support from a group of women who traveled with him.

They also cooked for the disciples and supplied their needs. Say what you want, but Jesus accepted money while he preached the Word across the country. God’s Word translation spells it out clearly, “Joanna, whose husband Chusa was Herod’s administrator; Susanna; and many other women. They provided financial support for Jesus and his disciples.” [Luke 8:3 GW]

So what does God expect from the church today in regards to a pastor’s financial support? What does God expect you to do? You won’t believe what the Bible says!

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