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Free Facebook Image to Post: Romans 14:21

Do you live by love or selfish pleasure? What's your love language?

Romans 14:21 (NKJV) It is good neither to eat meat nor drink wine nor do anything by which your brother stumbles or is offended or is made weak.


Seven Steps to Spiritual Maturity: The Biblical Path to Grow Up Spiritually

Are You a Mature Christian? How do you know? Is there a Biblical way to know if you are maturing in the faith? Does God give us a way to measure growth? Absolutely! In Seven Steps To Maturity, Pastor Randy Bell shares powerful insights from two of Christ's closest friends, John and Peter. You will be taken back to the clear instructions God gives on how to grow up and please Him. This book will teach you how important it is to mature in the faith God's way, and how to measure your progress. And also Peter warns you must follow this narrow way. "But those who fail to develop in this way are shortsighted or blind, forgetting that they have been cleansed from their old sins. So, dear brothers and sisters, work hard to prove that you really are among those God has called and chosen. Do these things, and you will never fall away. Then God will give you a grand entrance into the eternal Kingdom of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ." 2 Peter 1:9-11 (NLT)

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Job 5, A Facebook image to freely post

One way to share your faith is to post images on your Facebook page with scripture. Here is one I created and used on my page. Freely use it and pass it on to your friends.

Job 5:9-11 (NKJV)
Who does great things, and unsearchable, Marvelous things without number. He gives rain on the earth, And sends waters on the fields. He sets on high those who are lowly, And those who mourn are lifted to safety.