First Fear, Then Wisdom: What Do We Do With God’s OT Laws? Part 2


The fuzzy minds of modern religious thought seems paralyzed with twisted fantasies of FREEDOM from God’s commands instead of FREEDOM TO OBEY God’s even harder and higher demands of Jesus Christ! Listen Jesus did not lower the bar, He raised it. Men are not naturally good people and please God, BUT ARE SLAVES OF SIN, THE DELUSIONAL LIES OF SATAN AND BENT ON REBELLION AGAINST GOD.

Jesus Christ did not die on the cross for Christians to disregard HIS WILL, but to cut the bondage of selfish disobedience [sin], and emblazon their hearts to crave the crazy, extreme holy life, of abandonment to His KINGDOM.

“Fear of the Lord is the foundation of true wisdom.  All who obey his commandments will grow in wisdom.” Psalms 111:10 (NLT) Fear drives people to do what is right until they change their minds and desire to do what is right.

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