False Teachers Offer False Freedom

We are looking in 2 Peter 2:10-22 and will finish the explanation of why we cannot grow and mature in the faith if we are sidetracked, confused, and heading in the wrong direction.

The devil energizes false teachers and preachers to “cleverly teach destructive heresies…” and  “many will follow their evil teaching and shameful immorality.” You won’t believe the evidence I have uncovered verifying God’s warnings and how many it has already infected today.

True freedom does not come from bettering ourselves, instead it is false freedom. Consider  this statement…

“…men and women who through moral resolution are trying to better themselves. They include people who struggle with broken relationships, wrestle with emotional “felt needs” and spiritual problems, and desperately desire relief from guilt, anxiety, and stress. They are dissatisfied with the lifestyle of the ones who live in error—the average mass of unregenerate humanity—and seek some better way to live.” – MacArthur New Testament Commentary

Can you say for sure that you know how to experience God’s true freedom in life?