Free Download: The Kingdom of God Is Within by Andrew Murray

Free Download: The Kingdom of God Is Within by Andrew Murray

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From one of Christianity’s most beloved devotional writers and speakers of the nineteenth century, here is a series of lectures originally delivered at an annual conference in South Africa on the topic of the Kingdom of God. In his own passionate and persuasive manner, author and theologian Andrew Murray reveals how the Kingdom of God is a real and present reality inside of every single believer.

Murray first tackles the question of what the Kingdom of God is and then goes on to describe for his readers the importance of the indwelling of God, Jesus Christ in us, and our daily fellowship with him.

Though first delivered at a conference in the late nineteenth century, this books remains just as necessary and relevant today as when it was first presented. In this book, Murray reminds us the all-important truth about returning to the basics of our Christian faith. Anyone desiring to uncover or rediscover the heart of the Christian message will be blessed by reading this book.

South African pastor and author Andrew Murray (1828 1917) was an amazingly prolific writer. Murray began writing on the Christian life for his congregation as an extension of his local pastoral work, but he became internationally known for his books, such as With Christ in the School of Prayer and Abide in Christ, that searched men's hearts and brought them into a deeper relationship with Christ. With intense purpose and zeal for the message of the gospel, Murray wrote numerous books even after his "retirement" at age seventy-eight.

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