Believe It or Not, The Bible is True and Accurate So What Would Make You Listen to the Bible?

There’s a lot of voices telling you everything about life and its meaning. Science wedded to the universities and media tells you, you are an accident of nature evolving upwardly, but life has no meaning and soon you will just die and become dirt again. Others tell you, you do have meaning and are evolving upwardly spiritually and if you play your cards right you will be wonderful some day through many life and death cycles. Others tell you, yes you die, but it is just passing into another realm and there is nothing to worry about because you still live on.

The Bible has a different story. It starts with God creating everything, including mankind. It tells you God wants a relationship with you, but our ancestors refused to play by God’s rules and rebelled from Him, leaving us an estranged and destructive people deserving God’s wrath. Through God’s master plan He justly paid the criminal charges because of our treason through the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth 2000 years ago.

Who do you believe? Why would you believe it? Does life have meaning?

What Would Make You Listen to the Bible?

The Bible has been criticized and analyzed more than any other book in the history of mankind. Sir Isaac Newton said, “I find more marks of authenticity in the Bible than in any profane history whatsoever.” Now this man developed the laws of motion and calculus. He was a powerful famous scientist and was not a religious fool. He listened to the Bible because it was found to be accurate and true.

It contains knowledge about science and prophecy that cannot be explained away. Far before mankind “discovered” many advancements in science the Bible already states them as facts. How can “evolved cavemen idiots” know scientific knowledge that we modern men have just discovered in the last few hundred years.

The Bible Contains Medical Knowledge Before It’s Time

Although the Egyptians were famous for treating diseases and were looked up to by the Greeks and other cultures, the sad fact is they thought all diseases came from evil spirits and dung mixed with other ingredients was great medicine. The average life span of these Egyptians was only 30 years. Well about 400 BC men discovered the natural cause of disease and the role of germs was not known until the 1800’s.

Yet if you read the ancient records of Genesis to Deuteronomy and you will find quarantine laws ordered by God protecting the people from germs and the spread of disease. Also examine their dietary laws [Exodus 15:26] that promised to keep the Jews free from the diseases that plagued the other nations. And know this, modern science has found much evidence proving how true the promise was. Read of their long lives compared to the scientifically advanced Egyptians. They lived 3-4 times longer than the other people.

Now explain it! The Bible has advanced knowledge only explained as insider information. Yes, Israel received information from God before scientists could catch up, understand, and follow it’s wisdom. God gave the people divine revelation to protect them and keep them healthy. Many today would rather believe in empty theories of space aliens visiting us instead of the amazing revelation of the Bible.

The same type of unusual knowledge is found in incredible prophecy fulfilled hundreds of years later in Jesus Christ. Prophets spoke with 100% accuracy, not like the psychics of today with their less accurate rate of below 10%.

What does this mean? Simple! Here where I live you are more likely to be hit by lightning than win the Florida lottery. So if a person announced to you they could pick the number and win this week you would doubt. If they actually did it, [approximately 1 in a 10 million chance] you would be impressed, but that does make him God. But if he did it the following week also, he would have to have had inside information because it is impossible to make that happen by chance.

Now look at Jesus Christ. The odds of Jesus fulfilling all the prophecies he did are far more incredible and impossible to have just been a coincidence.

Here are the odds of all of them being fulfilled by chance. Fill the state of Texas with silver dollars 1 foot deep and have someone put a red X on one. Then parachute a blind person into the state. Have them walk as long as they want and bend over on the first try and pick the red X silver dollar. This is just the odds of Jesus fulfilling 7 of the many prophecies proving Him to be the salvation of man.

The one who died for the crimes that we committed against God is not just a mythical story but a prophetic plan of God foretold hundreds and thousands of years before it came to pass exactly as God said it would be.

Jesus was born in Bethlehem as prophecy foretold. He was born of a virgin as many eyewitnesses verified. He was crucified and buried as foretold. Hundreds of eyewitnesses saw him raised from the dead. They were killed for their story and never recanted claiming it was a conspiracy. History, true history recorded it.

Who do you believe?

The Bible contains over 1000 prophecies. 668 are known to have been fulfilled. The unfulfilled are telling us Jesus is coming back to this earth and it says it would be a long time before it happens. It has been about 2000 years since Jesus died for mankind. The Bible has been proved to be accurate historically and scientifically. Prophecy proves special divine information.

Will you listen to God? Turn from your rebellion and start a new life of obedience to Him today! You must be born again!

Believe it, the Bible is the true accurate revelation of the one and only true God. His power is infinite and He is more than able to preserve His story in book form so that any person on the planet earth can get to know Him.

Think hard, is there any part of the Bible that you can really prove wrong? I dare you to try. Why? Because if I am wrong laugh at me all the way to the grave, but if you are wrong, well, you will suffer forever! God does not want that! Instead He wants you to be a part of His family.